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Let's get really intentional about the customer experience. I think that your organization should exist to delight customers and revenue growth should come as a consequence of that delight. This might sound like semantics to you, but I think it's the critical distinction between good and great. Let me dive deeper and give you a few examples.

I asked an executive if his son would be considering a job in his own call center and you would think I was suggesting his son take a job with ISIS! He was completely disgusted with the question. I don't blame him, the job sucks. It doesn't have to be this way. The thing is, it's not just because of screaming customers, it's largely because of the environment we have created for people in these jobs. For starters, many organizations treat the roles like prostitution with patronizing policies and utter disregard. You can read my post on that here and feel free to call or text me at 4059288185 if you disagree. It is hypocritical to continue talking about the customer experience without devoting the same energy to the Customer-Facing employee experience. ...

Your mission as a leader of a contact center is pretty simple. Make work more meaningful for your employees to do that do these 3 things.

The pressing issue for contact center agents is their cognitive load, we can fix this. Here are 3 places to start

- Leading people is hard - It is for the select few - You do not and should not promote your best people

All the talk about AI eliminating jobs of folks in trucking and contact center agents * Is this true? We are not there yet * AI will democratize decision making Reducing the needs for front line manager * It will improve the customer experience *

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Don't be afraid to make a mistake * Build a "river of information" * Get a tribe - make connections * Join associations like CCNG 13:23 * What learning looks like in a remote world * Learn from mentors and being a mentor

Is the stereotype of contact center true? * The characteristics of a bad contact center environment in one word is surveillance * If you don't trust your employees you are doing it wrong * Contact centers create too many rules for the exceptions not the rule. Are your rules for the employees or for you * Tips for making changes in the contact center for the better without spending a penny * Getting to the bottom of the employee sentiment.

DescriptionGary York is a serial entrepreneur and technologist and CEO of helplightning * Teleportation is coming but in the mean time we have Augmented reality specifically virtual presence.* Differentiation Virtual Reality from Augmented Reality * How does Augmented reality help on the front end (sales) of the experience -proposals for B2B in Pre-Sales * Field Service may be the biggest opportunity for Virtual Reality in CX The potential reduction and elimination of truck roll is a game changer It is one of those solutions that can reduce costs and improve the customer experience Covid is accelerating this trend.

Bob once wrote 5 years ago "Omnichannel or Die" we ask Bob if that article aged well * The compounding effect of doing better on digital channels * The rumors of the voice channel demise was greatly exaggerated * What are the new goals of Omni Bob's Sales/Marketing envy rears its ugly head again * Situational Video vs Video everywhere

Employees, customers or Shareholders if you had to start with one * Is your "Why" Strong enough but more importantly "who" will you become * What separates the "haves" vs "have nots" * How do you turn turnover into an opportunity * Why leadership is the number one investment every organization should make.

Haves or Have nots * The most customer centric Company on earth story * Why posters on the wall and a new value statement telling the world you care about the customer is worthless How do you get the CFO on board for your cx efforts * Commercial Chief customer officer StakeHolder Hierarchy - who comes first - customer, employee or stakeholder * His answer will surprise you Your company needs a North Star for CX that is meaningful and attainable *

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