Ep 48 – Stop Promoting your best Employees

I thought I was getting fired. My boss’s boss  hauled me into an impromptu meeting into HR, it wasn’t me, it was my direct manager who just got canned. I was the unlucky SOB who would be stepping in an “interim” basis to take his place. I wanted no part of the job, but I said yes anyway.

Against the wishes of HR, I called the guy, and he was upset but sounded more relieved, he like many managers was thrusted into management as a reward for being a great individual contributor- he had neither the skill or will to do the job of leading. He is now Managing Director at a midsize firm and he hates leading people, but corporate America hasn’t figured out how to reward him without burdening him with managing people. This story repeats itself over and over.

It is happening in your organization – I see it in every client large and small- you can stop the madness. Download this week’s episode to learn how to reward great individual contributors and put the right leaders in place.


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