Curated CX Workshops

Corporate workshops that leave employees feeling inspired.

 Each workshop is specifically tailored to your company and your industry, and we will take the opportunity to customize the event to address specific challenges and goals you may have. Our Customer Experience workshops are often a springboard for new initiatives that lead to positive results and growth.


The essential starting point, your journey starts with finding insights about your customers’ needs and feelings.


You’ve defined a journey, derived insights and set some goals, but then what? The “so-what” test helps define and prioritize what parts of the journey are most important, and why.


We help you identify the “moments of truth” – all of the relevant issues that pertain to your goals and how you will achieve them.


We are nothing if we do not innovate. Tapping into your company’s collective creativity, we help create a more desirable reality.

What can we do for you?

Amas and the team at Better Experience are problem-solvers. When sales are sluggish, customer churn is up and the cross-sell and up-sell that could drive revenues just isn’t happening, we can help.

Why do these things happen? The first part of our strategy is simply to answer that question. Often, the answer lies in how your staff, your systems and processes interacts with customers. Poorly built automated systems may be damaging customer relationships, yet your people are not empowered to deliver on your customer promise. Is every single person that interacts with a customer – whether their job is Customer Service or not – enabled to deliver a personalized, continuous and contextual service.

The path to improving your company’s Customer Experience is defined by goals and metrics, guided by an inclusive culture of collaboration from every part of your company, and informed by a strategy of creating an engaged and loyal customer. We offer guidance to help your company achieve this transformation, and reach your goals of increased customer loyalty, more revenue, and enhanced growth.

Take the first step now, start your journey to success!