Improving Services to benefit ALL Citizens

The Current Experience

  • Long wait times 
  • Outdated policies and procedures that frustrate both citizens and civic workers alike
  • Agency Focused Service
  • More and more technology projects that fail

The BXG Approach

  • In depth assessment tools that identify exactly where and how to improve the experience
  • Insights to implement smart processes and technology that actually work
  • Citizen Focused Service 

The New Experience

  • Improved access through smart technologies that also reduce frustration 
  • Policies and procedures that meet the needs of the citizen 
  • A culture of service that improves the citizen’s and civic workers’ experience. 

Why we care about the citizen's experience

At BXG, we are humanist first and believe corporations and governments should use their services to improve the lives of all constituents so we are proud to support agencies on their journey to transform.

Companies and Governments Helped

BXG Insights


Every single time I have been to an Oklahoma Sooner bowl game we have lost.   Five straight bowl losses with me in the audience.  As you can imagine people started begging and raising money so I never go to another OU bowl game. I thought clearly we had a crappy coach, but the whole world said it was my fault. So I stopped going to Bowl games, and the team continued to lose. I was framed unfairly.  Speaking of getting blamed unfairly… READ MORE


We are in a conference room listening to a recorded call. Marie is on the phone with an agency employee who stands between her and her ability to feed her family. She needs her unemployment check and had been getting a busy signal so even though she waited over 120 minutes hours she is thrilled to be getting help, problem is… READ MORE