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Consultancy created to help your organization reach its full potential and achieve revenue growth.

We help you achieve your goals with a transformative look at your customer experience. We are problem-solvers. We guide you to finding the best answers to your most difficult questions. We have helped companies large and small.

A culture that focuses on the Customer Experience is more than just an attitude adjustment, it involves real, meaningful steps, starting with a mapped journey towards a defined goal, benchmarking against your peers in the industry, and using hard metrics and data gathering at every step of the way. Every single employee is the face of your company, either directly or indirectly, and a sense of ownership and empowerment is a good first step in achieving your Customer Experience goals. Starting with defined direction from the C-suite, this empowerment goes beyond the “yes, you can” directive and must include very specific training and orientation, communicating your expectations to all staff members, and ensuring that leaders understand every aspect of the Customer Experience initiative.

Transform the experience!

We live in the age of the consumer as well as the age of available information. The combination of those two transformations has given us a customer base that is more empowered than ever, and an environment in which a single poor customer experience is magnified many times over through social media. It’s easy for a customer to find information about your company and your product, and more to the point, it’s easy for them to find out how you stack up against the competition.

Need new customers?

Every company wants to find new customers, but in this environment, having a strategy for retaining your existing ones is just as important. Having a great product or service is just part of that strategy. It starts by realizing that everyone in your company – not just your call agents – needs to embrace that customer mindset. Once you realize that Customer Experience involves everyone, from the CEO down to the guy who sweeps the floors, the next step is to understand your goals.

What do your customers think?

Do you give your customers a level of attention and support they aren’t getting elsewhere? Doing so not only pleases the people who are buying your product, it increases your bottom line. You delight your customers from every direction and from every employee, because by transforming the customer experience, you accomplish three things: You drive new business, you retain existing clients, and you drive measurable growth and profitability. It’s that simple.


Better Experience Group draws from some of the most effective transformational methodologies like Six Sigma and Technology Business Management (TBM) to encourage collaboration across the board. A better Customer Experience doesn’t just center on the customer service department. With every department and every employee is invested in the BetterXperience strategy, we begin by breaking down barriers. Serving the customer may begin with the call agent, but it may well require collaboration from many other departments. A new level of transparency between all stakeholders will better serve the customer, and will help you achieve your corporate goals.

You can’t serve your customer if you don’t understand who they are and what they want or more to the point, who they are going to be and what they are going to want in the future but don’t yet realize. The absolute worst way to go about transforming the Customer Experience is not to define in precise terms what your goals are, how you will achieve them, and how you will measure success. Yet far too many such implementations fall short. Data-driven technology and predictive analytics will help inform your strategy and help guide it as you move forward – and will be an essential part of measuring the ROI you derive from your transformation

What people say about us

We strongly believe in result oriented strategy, our clients are happy and their testimonies are based on results they achieved.

An inspiring speaker and hands-on consultant, Amas Tenumah knows how to empower and engage his audience. He brings a refreshing point of view to the table at every engagement. “

Scott Robbins

Program Manager

” There is no bigger expert in the field of customer experience who enlightens and entertains more than Amas Tenumah, I recommend him wholeheartedly as a speaker.”

Sean Lennon

Program Director

” Amas is very personable and approachable. He grabs your attention, holds it, and provides confidence that he is highly knowledgeable of his subject content. “

Jeff L. Berry


What can we do for you?

Amas and the team at Better Experience are problem-solvers. When sales are sluggish, customer churn is up and the cross-sell and up-sell that could drive revenues just isn’t happening, we can help.

Why do these things happen? The first part of our strategy is simply to answer that question. Often, the answer lies in how your staff, your systems and processes interacts with customers. Poorly built automated systems may be damaging customer relationships, yet your people are not empowered to deliver on your customer promise. Is every single person that interacts with a customer – whether their job is Customer Service or not – enabled to deliver a personalized, continuous and contextual service.

The path to improving your company’s Customer Experience is defined by goals and metrics, guided by an inclusive culture of collaboration from every part of your company, and informed by a strategy of creating an engaged and loyal customer. We offer guidance to help your company achieve this transformation, and reach your goals of increased customer loyalty, more revenue, and enhanced growth.

BXG Workshop

BetterXperience’s corporate workshops leave employees feeling inspired. Each workshop is specifically tailored to your company and your industry, and we will take the opportunity to customize the event to address specific challenges and goals you may have. Our Customer Experience workshops are often a springboard for new initiatives that lead to positive results and growth.

BXG Speaking

Available for speaking in public venues or to private corporate audiences, Amas gently guides his audience towards action – leaving
them with the tools they need to get results. Bringing inspiration, thought leadership and specific details on best practices and
Customer Experience strategies, Amas brings out the creativity in his audience, empowering them to take action.



BXG Consultancy

The thought leaders at BetterXperience work with companies one-on-one to bring positive transformation with measurable results.
Through strategy and mapping, implementation, training, and execution, we are available to help companies of all sizes take full
advantage of the benefits that a renewed focus on Customer Experience will bring.

BXG Thought Leadership

A thought leader in the area of Customer Experience, Amas Tenumah’s insight is available through his webcasts and blog, his book “The
Curated Experience,” and in articles in some of the industry’s leading business publications.

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